Monday, July 7, 2008

Wonder School

Not much happened in our little home today. We all slept in, I cleaned the kitchen, did some washing, had morning tea with Grandma, Liberty napped, Shawn played PS2, both kids went to Grandmas to build cubby's, I did some running around, dinner and done! :)
Wonder Bread has a promotion running for primary schools. Each specially marked bag is worth a point, points are then redeemed for sporting gear. Our school is is desperate need for sporting equipment. Matt has been taking kids for sport and doing basketball, 20 kids and 4 balls...
I have been co-ordinating the collection of these bags and that has kept me busy for the past few weeks, making collection points for the class room, charts, covered boxes for the local supermarkets etc. I really hope we can do well from this.
We also had a few drops of rain today, hopefully tomorrow we might get lots more! night x


Velta said...

You should be commended for the work you are doing...Congrats on being such a great person :)

TribeRingers said...

Hi there, I have plenty of rain up here you can have (there may be a bit of cold with it too!)

Thank you again for dropping by my little corner of the world.

I like the look of the sneaky bit of your DT work. ;)