Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dance Party at my place!

Shawn, Liberty and myself just had a rockin good time dancing to the tunes on the radio. Very rarely does the radio play a few good songs in a row. Now I am having a rest :)
This is another LO that I did with my JSJ DT Kit. These pics were of Liberty on her first birthday. So, so cute!
Today was so cold. winter for sure!
This morning Miss Molly came to see 'Bitty'. Then Liberty and I went out for awhile. This afternoon I went over to the school to collect the Wonder Bread bags. We now have a total of 65....we need 1111 to get a sports pack.............. I may have been a bit ambitious. Hopefully we will get at least 1 pack.
After school the kids and I went out to have birthday cake with the beautiful Miss Indi. 6. I can still see her as a little baby on my couch.
Now I have to come up with a page for the JSJ CC that starts tomorrow night.

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