Friday, July 11, 2008

My New Calendar Base

This is my latest creation for the Scrap Therapy MBM comp. Criteria was to make a calendar for next year. I decided to make a base from a canvas, 18x18, and decorate that to hold a normal everyday calendar, one that you could pick up for free anywhere. It was had to get a good photo of, being black. It will look great in my scrap room, me thinks! :)
This morning I spent a few hours swapping emails with my Dad, it makes the world a little smaller. He lives on the east side of America. I then sorted through some boxes of stuff that I had piled up in the laundry. While I was doing that I thought I would go and meet up with Mum for lunch, Chinese..... After a look around and a stop in at my work to get some snow photos printed, I headed home. Home is where I found my beautiful Miss Liberty with very red, yucky eyes.... can I not have a healthy day in this house? The local doctor must have left early as they were not answering the phone, so I raced to the chemist and have the best that they can give for conjunctivitis without a script. Hope it works!! She must be so blocked up from this cold, poor little girl. She takes her medicines so well... much better than her brother...
I have an early start for work tomorrow so I am off to bed! night

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Cindy said...

Great calendar ! I hope Liberty is better soon.