Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Told you it was cold!

Well these pictures were taken at 7am this morning on our deck. This is the first place to see sunshine. Liberty had a great time. She put on her gumboots and made tracks in the frost. This is her artwork. Directly after I took this image Combi came and licked the frost away. Guess she was thirsty, her water bowl was frozen solid! Yes I know the image is off was cold and I was in no way prepared to spend anymore time outside! :)
This afternoon Shawn had Soccer training. A long, boring story short, I am now coach. I know nothing about Soccer! Guess I will learn!
Matt is away tonight. I was going to scrap but not totally in the mood.... night x


Anonymous said...

Well goodmorning to you!!!!

it is hot and warm in California, actually Disneyland.
Not a frost in sight!
Bet you can't guess who it is.
I got your scarf/hair thingy. And I lost my purse containing $600.00 while buying it - but that is another story.

Had two days at DL and going to Omaha tomorrow - Nash has bought the indianna jones lego, Indianna Hat, 2 $10.00 lightsabres why?? he has about 20.00 left. Indi bought all of walmart ok 30.00 worth of shit and then she bought a costume at DL guess which princess ... no, not Indi it was a jedi costume for 45.00 and then a brown hooded jedi cape thing for another 45.00 and a matching lightsabre go figure
Chaise wont spend her money - i'm not sure she is mine. But i made her get a set of mickey ears!! She got to be a jedi in the training thing (poor Nash)

Dean has been a real good fellow on the carousels and everything! But my kids wont go on anything and I mean anything that looks slightly scary - i am talking pinocchio here they wouldn't go near it!

I have spent heaps and have nothing to show for it

Well I could go on and on but i better not use your blog to chat - If i get a chance I will talk again

Say hello to your kids and Matt

Hello Pam and Meg I bet you're reading this!!

see ya

PS I got my purse back - nothing bad ever happens at disneyland

Meg Barnden-Hyde said...

We were talking about you...miss Rachel and now you have let us know your are alright...thank god...Meg