Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools

Well I made it to 12 without being a fool! I love this day...it brings back so many fond memories.... hey Moo? LOL
I made this card today because I was forced too! LOL Not really. Sharon is doing a card a day on her blog. I love her Birthday card...so I sort of copied it! So all of you card makers go and have a look and join in her fun! This card will be for my FIL.

Liberty has had a wonderful day. She has kept very busy with crayons, paper and scissors. So I was able to get some things done. Now her and Shawn are playing Star Wars in the lounge room.

I also got a page scrapped today...but I can't show you :) It is for the "Stash Challenge" I am going to run on Friday night... It is my take on a 'Blind Challenge"... I think it will work... I hope it will work!!! I could use the moral support if anyone has some time to spare. The crop will run Friday noon through to Monday uploads. You can register HERE There will be comps for scrappers and card makers. I think the prizes are $$$ to spend in the shop and kits...will have to wait for more on that. I am told the kit has stacks in it!! Shame I can't win!! LOL


~KRISTY~ said...


Meg Barnden-Hyde said...

hey Julie, I'll do the comp with you sound fun and I have all weekend to do it...just got to fit it in with Netball and going to a 21..

TribeRingers said...

Such a elegant card - great for males. I might have to 'borrow' that design too.
Hope you are well.