Sunday, April 13, 2008

Friday 2 Sunday in photos

Starting at the top left. Friday we went and met Lachlan in the hospital. Then off to Grafton. Saturday the boys had a ski then moved furniture around Amanda and Roy's home with the help of 3 of Roy's mates...heavy stuff!
Sunday the kids had a nice time together, and Matt had a ride on Roy's new bike to see where the trouble was before we left to come home. Going home is always such a loooong trip, no matter where you are! About an hour from home is a Trout Hatchery near Ebor. I had been years ago and thought Shawn would enjoy it. So for under $10 the 4 of us spent over an hour wandering around the fish ponds and tanks. They had a movie and displays to look at. We also got 2 bags of fish food to distribute as we went. Both kids thought this place was fantastic, running around and learning about fish. I was very surprised by the size of a 3 year old rainbow, big suckers!
I have had my hot shower and am pretty much ready to catch up with Earl. Then I need to see what Derick and Meridith have been up to and my Brothers and Sisters. Better get another Pepsi for the night ahead! x
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Anonymous said...

Roy will love the world seeing him like that! Good one

Meg Barnden-Hyde said...

Hey You...nice to see you got home alright. Isn't matt good getting us some new glue pens...I owe him one to you soon Meg