Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I followed a Pencillines sketch for this LO.
It was a lovely simple sketch with so many possibilities. I guess when I work from a sketch I tend to follow it pretty much exactly. The colour in the photo posted is a bit washed out. It has slightly more pink tones in it.
Well Shawn is eating really well! I am so proud of him!! Fingers crossed he can keep it up. He had a smile on his face when he arrived home from school....I hadn't seen that for awhile. The trip to the dentist for a check up after school today will soon wipe the smile away :)
When I am in town today I need to get myself a copy of 'For Keeps'. The fab Miss Meg has 2 pages in this issue out today! I will update with page numbers when I get home.
UPDATE - Ok! If you turn to page 27 of For Keeps Issue 64 and page 43 you will find the work of a very talented Ms Meg! If anyone is interested in a signed copy by this first time published artist, I am happy to ask Meg as she is a close personal friend of mine.... I should be able to get better seats at restaurants, entry into all the major night clubs just by dropping her name! LOL I picked up the last 2 copies of For Keeps at the newsagent I went to, one for me and one for Pam. Meg will be doing a signing tomorrow morning over coffee and Mud cake at my place if anyone wants to come around! :)


Meg Barnden-Hyde said...

Do you want me to sign your For Keeps mag????? Cause I can it will make me feel important and may be worth a bit in days to come.

Meg Barnden-Hyde said...

make sure you have the right amount of bodyguard at your house cause I can't open the curtains at my house to many photographers around. I'm a instant star..... the limo will pick me up at about 9.30 and take me to your place tomorrow see you then Meg.

Pamela said...

Meg Who?.....well what happened to Shawn at the dentist...I would have thought THAT to me more important lol.

~KRISTY~ said...