Friday, April 30, 2010

Sew Proud!

Wow, 2 posts in the one day! lol

I just had to share these. Tonight we put together some Wheat Bags to give to Matt's parents for birthday gifts. I let the kids do all the work that they were capable of. Shawn has been able to sew for a few years now. Liberty still sat on my lap and pressed the buttons, lifted the foot and that was about all. Not any more! She has found her groove.

She just loves to sew... my girl, in so many ways :)


Brenda said...

What a clever girl!

I hope you get masses of people at your stand on Sunday! Just say that the red cherry one is for display purposes only!

Anonymous said...

Grandma is so proud of both Liberty and Shawn. Great to see that their mother can pass on her excellent skills to her children.

Chantal said...

You take the most gorgeous photos, Julie! :D

Chantal said...

OMG Julie!!! I'm so sorry! I completely forgot about measuring my sewing machine! I just scrolled down after leaving my comment and saw the post and remembered! That was so silly of me! Sorry about that! If you still want to go ahead with it, each measurement allows for a bit of extra space and the cord, cotton reel etc.; Length: 45cm x Height 36cm x Width 17cm. No worries if you want to not worry about it though!