Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to school tomorrow!

Well the school holidays have been looong and busy, productive busy, but still busy!
Last Sunday I went to the Armidale Farmers Market with my goodies again. It is actually a fun day out for all of us. The kids ride their bikes around and have a great time.
This is my new bag style. I made this one first and fell in love. It is a yummy micro suede.

This creature is one of my favourites... well sort of. This is a Dugong and my first love is the Manatee. Oh to go to Florida and find one!

We went to the Sydney aquarium at Easter and arrived at the Dugong's right at feeding time. They look so gentle.
Well, I am ready for bed. Night x

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Pamela said...

hmmmmm....dugong, I almost have my very own!lol