Monday, January 11, 2010

This just in....

It has come to my attention that some people out in this wide world are messing with a good thing!

Now the very worst of all, this my friends will turn your stomach..

Pepsi and Yoghurt

I must say, the pepsi Fire would be interesting to try, Pepsi and Cinnamon. I do like Cinnamon flavours. The Holiday Spice was released in November 2004, so I did get to try it when we had our last Christmas in America... It didn't do much for me, but the packaging sure is purdy :)

Please, don't even get me started on Pepsi Max... Just plain, original Pepsi is all that is really needed in this world. However, Wild Cherry is OK. Since we don't have it in Australia, I add a touch of Grenadine to my Pepsi.
It was actually very interesting to read how many different varieties of Pepsi there are.
Thanks for listening to me vent and thanks Big Sean for the heads up! :)

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