Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This is how we spent yesterday afternoon. 12 kids and 5 adults around one of the Doran dams with some sticks, wool and lamb roast catching these guys. Craybobs, yabbies or crawfish. Whatever you call them, between us, we caught over 20 of them. It had been a few years since I had been craybobbing. Liberty and I had a lovely time with a particular sneaky yabbie, we could not catch him! We were outwitted and outplayed and finally he outlasted us!
I called for backup and Matt came out after work... not much help to us as he was busy having his own fun.
Shawn had his mate Travis stay over last night. The 2 of them slept on the trampoline... with the dog curled up at their feet. It must have been a late night as I didn't hear them until 7.30 this morning!
* No Yabbie was hurt, it was pure catch and release. The muddy kids even survived!

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