Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My lucky girl

We had a very productive day on Monday. We moved furniture around in the kids rooms. This desk was mine, then it was Shawn's and now, it is Liberty's. She loves it! I can hear her now singing along to her Noni CD. She loves being able to reach her CD player now.
I made the flowers for her room while she was in my tummy. They just don't seem to want to stick to anything. I have had them on her walls until now, they would look cute at the back of the desk. I really don't want to use more than bluetak, but I may have to.... Any suggestions?

Monday morning I got a call from our hairdresser to say that Liberty was the winner of the Christmas Hamper they were giving away. Of course we had to go and get it, and below is what it was. About $300 worth of PPS stuff. Tonight was our first opportunity to play. First we washed with shampoo and then we conditioned and then we used the detangler foam. Miss Liberty loved it!!! YAY - she is normally not a fan of hair time. She does smell good :)


Sue said...

Hi Julie!
Here's my suggestion for the sticky dilemma you are having - try the 3M range of products (Bunnings usually has a good range). I use them for putting up anything at my place coz we are in a rental and these don't leave marks or require hooks.

Pamela said...

Staple gun????? heheheheee