Friday, January 1, 2010

Home, Sweet Home.

This is how Christmas looked for us. We had a real fire place and mantle to hang stockings on (I didn't take our good handmade felt stockings) and our Christmas tree was a River (She) Oak that we cut down. It is decorated with paper chain that we all made. The white flowers are from a gum that the fruit bats loved, they smelt as sweet as honey! We couldn't have much inside as the smell was so strong. The pink flowers are from the stunning Crepe Myrtle trees at the front of the Green Oak house. We thought it looked pretty perfect!
So we are home.
We had a great 2 weeks away and could have stayed for another week, easily! Sometimes the trick to a good time is knowing when it is over.
We had flooding to contend with. Catching a Bullrout and swimming with snakes. So we had plenty of exciting moments. I have captured most of them, or at least I should like so with the almost 600 photos I shot.
Today we welcome 2010... at last! I must say I am looking forward to this year. No resolutions, just some small changes I would like to make, not written down or spoken of, just in my head.
Happy TwentyTen Everyone!

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Sue said...

Happy New Year and welcome home! Glad to hear you had a great break away, looking forward to seeing some snaps!