Monday, May 12, 2008

Another good weekend gone.

Hello! Hope all of you Mothers had a wonderful Mothers Day!
Shawn has soccer on Saturday while I was at work. Matt said they had a great game and played as a team! The score was 6-1. Shawn was goalie for the first half and stopped 3 goals.... I didn't ask if the 1 point was scored on his watch. I am so glad they played as a will all come to them with practice.
About 4pm Shawn and I went up to the football oval to work in the canteen... and see the Dorans. I have known Rachel a very long time, without putting too much thought into it maybe 25 years. Now in America she got herself, of all things, a Victoria's Secret Hoodie.... green... the colour of my eyes!!! Jealousy is a curse!! LOL Sounds like they had a wonderful time. Up until the moment she told me about the hoodie, I was happy for her :)
Mothers day saw us off to Armidale to see Matt's Mum, then off to Wool Expo. (A huge expo about the wool industry, products etc) I treated myself to an $8 potato with butter for my lunch! I love the potato man potatoes...not worth $8.... but still.... In the afternoon we played a few games of Rummy while there was a blackout. My mum came down for dinner. After I ate I could hardly stay awake. This sore throat has really worn me down!
Well I am rambling on so I will go. The pic is for the 52 week challenge at Scrapping Jewels.
Thanks for stopping by! x
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