Friday, April 15, 2011

La Jolla, San Diego

Flight went reasonably fast, so Matt and I thought, Shawn and Liberty not so much :)
After we waited to get through customs we made our way to Alamo where we were upgraded to a premium car (so we could fit our bags in. 2 bags of gifts,too much?
We have a Ford Crown Victoria for the next few days,lovely interior, the kids can play basketball in the back!
Our first stop was Santa Monica Pier.It was a great place to get out and play. Matt and the kids did some rides, Matt shot a few hoops and we had a short walk on the beach. Then back on the road.
Shawn had a great drive down watching all of the cars and taking photos of them.
Matt did so well driving, especially with the king size bed we are driving!
So we are now at the La Lolla Travelodge. It is a beautiful coastal town. First thing that caught my eye, is the shops are so unique and really well presented. No run down, empty spaces.
Soafter dinner at Denny's we made our way into our beds.The others are still asleep. I slept so well and felt refreshed ready to go... Then ilooked at the clock 12.34AM... It was all down hill from there...
Off to Sea World today!


Anonymous said...

Pleased to read that everyone is travelling well.Love to all.. Grandma.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you made it safely xx P