Friday, April 22, 2011


Had a fantastic, busy, fun, exhausting 3 days.
Just thoughtI would share a few pics. We did almost every ride, well we didevvery one we wanted too, some twice. went on some new adventures and saw some new shows. Disney really puts on some great after dark shows, so it was late nights and early starts.
We are in Greensburg now waiting for the Spring weather to kick in!


Sue said...

Totally jealous here!!! Looks like you guys are having a ball, love the pics so far! (You really MUST come back and scrap with us at Top 50 when you get back, these pics are crying to be scrapped!) Take care. XXX

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Liberty made a beautiful princess. Shawn is such a handsome young boy who looks like he is really enjoying himself. Love to all. Grandma. x