Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 2 - Sea World San Diego

We LOVE Sea World!
Shawn and Liberty were sogoodand had the best day, I think Liberty skipped everywhere!
The photos are 1. the journey to Atlantis ride, unfortunately I had to mind the bags soI didn't get to ride... hehehehe Matt, Shawn and Liberty all went on. No tears from Liberty, but they were wet when they got off and she did say she wasn't going on it again...
Shawn and Liberty touched Sea Stars in the tide pools.
Shamu... that is him with the bent fin, he is huge! Killer Whales are the 2nd widest spread mamals on earth.First are humans!
The Pets Rule show was fantastic!
I could type all day about Sea World but Shawns laptop keys are small and this is too much of a challengee this morning!


Anonymous said...

I agree Sea World is the "Best Day". Remembering our visit when you were 10 years old. love mum x

Sue said...

Amazing pics Julie! (But would never expect anything less from you!) LOVE the one of the kids at the pool especially. XXX