Sunday, April 3, 2011

11 Sleeps!

In 13 sleeps we will be playing at "The Happiest Place On Earth".
We are so very excited!

Yesterday Matt got the suitcases down from in the roof ready to start putting some things in. In one of the suitcases was my wedding dress.

I spent months and months making this dress (over 12 years ago) sewing hundreds and hundreds of pearl beads and Swarovski crystals. But I never had this dress cleaned after the big event. So, I washed it in the washing machine. I thought all of the bead coatings would be off and I would be left with dull white beads, not the case! I made sure I started out with the best quality beads I could sorce and it paid off! (Thanks to 6 months at fashion college!)

So for now it is back to the packing. At this stage, it looks like I am packing for sun and snow... hummmm I do love a good packing challenge! :)

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Anonymous said...

Glad your dress survived the washing machine. It certainly is a beautiful dress. love mum