Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Camera play time.

Yesterday was a pretty sad day... Our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers lost the Super Bowl. Matt had the day off and we had our own party. We decided while the game is on that we will go and do a tour of Heinz Field, the home of the Steelers when we go over next.

On other news. I have now had a full week of unemployment. I am still yet to catch up with the Forrester's, actually today is my first day at home. I have baked, washed and folded. I think I like paid work slightly better... :)

I made some time to play with my camera a few days ago. This is a really neat trick I came across. Tape baking paper against a window and position your object in front of it. It apparently works best with leaves that you can see light through, so an Autumn leaf would be ideal. This is a garlic flower. I had to tape it so that it was not flat against the paper or it would have looked false.
I am looking forward to finding some interesting leaves!

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