Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Dennis!

Today (American time) is my Dad's birthday! Happy Birthday!!!

Well things have not really been as productive as I had hoped now that I am unemployed. I had hoped to have the cupboards all pulled out and sorted, bedrooms cleaned out, bathrooms.. you get the idea!
Liberty is having a bit of a hard time adjusting to school... She misses me... I thought she only "Missed" me before and after school, but she was miserable yesterday and I almost brought her home. It does pull at the heart strings. I thought she would have had no worries at all with school, she has suprised us all.

Last weekend I shot a wedding and a family portrait. So I have over 1000 images to sort through and edit. The image above belongs in the Family Portrait group. Pepi (Pepsi, as I call her) is one of the most well behaved and trained dogs I have ever known.

I went to bed last night knowing I would wake up with a charming cold... and I have! YAY!

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