Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Aussie paper wasp

We had a great weekend away at Green Oak.

Swimming in the perfect water. fishing. relaxing. chatting. eating. laughing. just perfect!

Until the last hour...

I had an encounter with what we think is an Australian paper wasp.

He came from behind and hit me with what felt like the force of a golf ball. I could even feel the poison going through me. Nasty thing! As I ran screaming, like the girl that I am, I found myself ripping off my shirt screaming for someone to get the stinger out. Turns out there was nothing in me, it just felt like I had 100 thistles in my back.

I would like to apologize to my friends for seeing me rip my clothing off, I hope I have not scared you or your children for life. I would like to thank Matt and Jase for defending my honor and distroying this nest of pain! This nest was on the outside of the shower room. I must say we were pretty lucky that they didn't venture into the shower... that could have been a very bad sight!!! :)

I didn't take many photos over the weekend, but I did get one of Shawn surfing behind the boat.

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S said...

The bugs and animals seem bigger and more ruthless in Australia. You should come here for awhile, where the worst that can happen is that you get the evil eye from a dairy cow. :)