Thursday, February 3, 2011

All dressed up.

Today my baby went to big school. It was so lovely, we all walked over to school together. As we walked along the fence to get to the office, lots of Libertys friends came over to say 'hello'. It is so wonderful, I know it is a great school and I am so confident that if she is ever lost, lonely or just having a bad she has a great support network in her friends!

Shawn went back to school on Monday, he is now in year 5.... YEAR 5!!?! he is a very proud brother having his sister at school.

This is how things looked this time last year...

Today I am a very proud Mummy.

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Sue said...

Oh my gosh! How exciting for you all! Miss Liberty looks adorable in her uniform - so grown up! (What a difference a year makes.) Good luck with the wrap up at work, I hope once its over if you need something extra to occupy your time that will pop in and see us at Top 50! XXX