Saturday, July 3, 2010

Junk bag!

Does anyone have $180 laying around that you would like to use and buy me this bag?
I found it on Etsy at JunkPrints.

Today Matt and I spent the afternoon in at my work having a huge clean-up. I don't like ladders, so Matt had all of the high jobs :) I am going in again tomorrow for a few hours. My helpers tomorrow will be Shawn and Liberty. We rewarded them late today by taking them to Toy Story 3. It was great! Toy Story #1 is still my fave, but #3 was much better than #2.

That folks, is my movie review for the week! Happy weekend and happy 234th birthday America!


Sue said...

LOL...I love that bag too!
Glad to hear everything going well for you, we are missing you at Top 50! Keep posting on here though, so at least I can catch up with your news here!

Anonymous said...

OOOOHHHH're still alive!!!! I miss you xxxx