Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sporting Saturday

Yesterday was a sporting day. Shawn played soccer in the rain, that could not have been much fun for him and it really was not a comfortable experience for us parents watching in the cold and pouring rain. It has been the only game I have been able to catch this season. His team lost by 1 in the last few seconds...
Then in the afternoon/evening Matt had his last home game in town. Now we have a month of away games to try and organise around. Ballina, Port and then Tamworth. Then State League is over for the season. It has been a fantastic experience for Matt, hard on all of us at times, but so worth it overall.
Today is Sunday as we prepare for another very full week ahead... I thought Winter was time to stay home and hibernate?

*edit* I just checked that the post went up OK and noticed that our sporting events are proudly brought to you by Nike! :)

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