Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another weekend over...

Saturday we went to Tamworth.Just out of town we stopped and said hello to our Eee Moo friend.

I had an optometrist appointment at Specsavers (highly recommended!)then I went into the Tamworth Eastmon shop to meet some ladies that I had spoken to over the phone, but not in person. then I found a new pair of boots, $170 down to $14, I figured at that price they are good enough! Then we had lunch at Hogs Breath... it had been years since we have been to one. To fill in some time before Matt's last State League Baskeball game we headed out here.

It is a great place and it is being improved! We never allow enough time, but one day plan on making a lunch event of it. They have shelters and BBQ areas. We love the huge walk through aviary and it looks like more are being built. All of this for the bargain price of a donation!

Today, we got a few things done around home. I wished I was at a birthday party in 34 degree heat. we went back out to see our friend Eee Moo, this time with food. (He eats straight out of our carefully placed fingers).
Big week this week... my first store evaluation is Tuesday...yikes!

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Anonymous said...

A great weekend.