Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cookies and cream

Today I never left the house. I had one foot in while I reached out to the wheelbarrow to get wood! My first 'home' day in too long!
We started the day with a long distance call to Grandpa, (Thanks Grandpa, Liberty thinks she is going, on her own, tomorrow!) followed by a cooked breakfast. Then we spent most of the day with Spiderman and his sidekick 'Buzz Light'

Those two played so well and I had the chance to go through both of their cupboards and bag 2 HUGE bags of clothes that don't fit or won't fix come the warmer weather.
Then we baked... I don't bake, I just wanted to eat warm choc chip cookies. That warm melted chocolate was prefect for today. Not happy with that I remembered I had some whipped cream in the squirt can...mmmmmmmmm :)

Now, Matt is at basketball training, the kids have just started to fight for the day and I have dinner all but done.
Hope you had a great weekend! x


Anonymous said...

How cute is Miss Buzz Lightyear.
"Girl Power"!

Mollie said...

Love the Buzz Lightyear costume!! Cookies and cream always beats bad weather! :)