Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Yesterday, Shawn hit double digits. I think he had a great day, even with the school athletics carnival being on the same day. It was meant to be a cool 8 degrees!
So, we started the day with gifts by the fire.

This is the cake we had been working on for 2 days. Shawn wanted an Oreo Icecream cake, just like the one Grandpa got him last year from Dairy Queen. This is what we came up with. Crushed chocolate and plain Oreos mixed in with icecream. We made it in layers with a dark chocolate layer in between. Ice Magic and Whipped cream on top! It really was soooo good :)

After school, the boys walked home with Shawn, we sang and did the cake thing, then headed out for an evening of LazerBlitz. I now want to play LazerBlitz for my birthday...

The groovy kid in the hoodie stayed the night. I think they actually got a few hours sleep!
I am so very proud of you Shawn, you are a fantastic son! I love you xxx


Sue said...

Happy birthday to Shawn! Glad to hear he enjoyed his day and OMG...I am drooling over that cake...YUM!!! (I LOVE Oreos!) Hugs to you! XXX

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