Sunday, June 6, 2010


Today was basketball Sunday for us.
We dropped Matt at the stadium for his warm up and then headed out to the UNE to check out the wildlife. These guys were very friendly and Shawn was thrilled he got to touch one! This guy was busy having a scratch.

So after the UNE visit, it was back to Basketball. We usually run the canteen, very nice job to have as it is the only place with a heater :) The last quarter Miss Lilly came and sat with us and Shawn did a great job keeping both girls occupied.

Unfortunately, Armidale did not win, but it was a fantastic first half! After the game we headed out to Moore Park and sat by the fire for after game drinks and chat. Then it was home for the bike ride we had promised Liberty since Thursday. Thursday was Matt's birthday and we got him a new bike... Both Shawn and Liberty now want new, white bikes just like Daddy!


Chantal said...

Gorgeous pics, Julie! :D

Anonymous said...

That was a Great Day