Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Summer!

Today is the first day of Summer.
Not a great start to the season. I am not well, Liberty has a runny nose and Shawn came home from school sick. Poor guy has slept all day and is very pale, we shall see what the night brings...
I thought I would share some more of our tree ornaments again, like I did last year. I will try and pick different ones. Sorry if I do repeat a few :)
This is the newest member to our ornament family. A birdcage. All of our pets have ornaments, so this one is for Smuggler. I also have a bit of a thing for Cardinals at the moment, so it hangs nicely with the tin Cardinals I got at JC Penny in America a few years ago.
I have a P&C Christmas dinner tonight. We are also drawing the raffle we have been running for the past few months.


Pamela said...

So I shall expect a phone call as I will have the winning ticket.....lol

Julie said...

Pam... if you have the winning ticket you should have given it to us so we could have picked it!!! Sorry :)