Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Feels good.....

I have been giving the sewing machine a work out the past few weeks.... and it feels good!
The top pic are Crayon Carry Bags that I made for Jess and Lucas. I actually have made a few others that Amanda is going to try and sell to her work mates :) Cross fingers! Would be nice if I did sell some, the money would go to a service of the sewing machine.
The idea for these came from a bag that Liberty was given in America (Thanks Sara and Sean) I have made quite a few as gifts.
The middle pic is what Amanda got for Christmas. I love making these tote bags!
The bottom 2 bags were part of my Mothers and Grandmothers Christmas gifts. Some are very hard to part with.... I don't use handbags much anymore, just tote bags, and I change bags every few days :)
I have more that I could show you, but people may see them and ruin their Christmas surprise!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you I love my tote bag and I am glad you have enjoyed using the sewing machine. (Whats next? the wool expo) Love mum