Monday, November 30, 2009

It's a new car!

This is Matt's new work car. Toyota RAV 4 Edge Limited Edition, in Storm Blue. It is a beautiful colour, darker than it shows in this photo. This pic was taken at the dealers, Matt had just driven it out of the showroom, so I thought I should get a photo as this is the cleanest it will ever be!
We picked it up Friday afternoon with 70 km's on it and now it has 300. I had a wedding to shoot, that involved driving on a dirt road, so I even washed the car after the reception! That was a nice thought... it didn't stay clean for long as we had a dust storm... Oh well!
I plan on scrapping the life story of the other work car over the Christmas break.
Stay tuned for wedding pics. I was hit badly with a cold while the wedding ceremony took place. I thought it was hay fever to start with, but I was wrong. I was never without a tissue and camera in hand... That was a challenge!


Pamela said...

see I should have been your off-sider.... I could of held the tissue box... :)

Pamela said...

oh...and nice wheels...