Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's been awhile :)

Sorry I have not blogged, not much to share I guess.... except that it is HOT!!! So hot in fact that yesterday I swam in the local pool.
We had a great afternoon. It was 2 special girl's birthday party at the pool. (Super idea Meg!) We sat and talked, (or listened to Rach talk) for a few hours and then all went home and prepared ourselves to go out to dinner. Unfortunately it was a very disappointing meal, but the dessert was sooooo good. Pam surprised us with a huge mud cake. (to celebrate mine and Megs birthdays) Thanks girls....and husbands :)

Today I plan to.
1. Stay inside as much as possible
2. Order some photobooks online
3. Possibly sew or scrap
4. Late in the day I need to garden... actually it is early now and everyone else is asleep, I might sneak out now :)
Byeeeeeee x

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Anonymous said...

Keep cool and yes drink plenty of water.....