Monday, November 23, 2009

Are you ever to old for LEGO?

Look what I found on Pop Deluxe!
I love this building... I have a large photo that I took of it one Autumn, framed and hanging in our entry. I am to lazy to go and take a photo of the photo so I have used the www to show you the famous Fallingwater. I feel many connections to to this building, but I won't bore you with details :) I just love it... but do I love it enough to pay $100 USD + shipping for a lego set of it????
On a cheaper note. I ordered some Vera Bradley fabric from an ebay seller and it arrived today.... very yummy! I just need to decide what I will do with it???
*update* You are never to old for lego, but you can be to poor for it... I searched ebay and found it for $285!!! Santa?????


Pamela said...

the lego is recommended for 16+...your too young for it anyway...... xxx :)

Julie said...

Pamela - That is the nicest thing anyone has ever 'commented' to me :)xxx

Anonymous said...

All I can say is WOW!
Wait for the Sales and the dollar to go up.....