Wednesday, January 21, 2009

not much to share....

I am going through the archives and am posting another photo from over Christmas. I still have not edited my scrapping images to share, sorry!
Not much is new in our little home. Matt has been busy with work after the few weeks off and now being a short month. I don't work this Saturday morning, instead I am doing some wedding photography... should be good fun!
I have been on the hunt for good pants, it is not an easy task! I want good pockets and good movement... just like jeans! Oh well!
I am now going to attempt to scrap, if I don't fall asleep.... :)
later that night.... Well my eyes and hands can't seem to co-ordinate so I am now surfing the net. I found some really yummy blog cand HERE. Now I think I may go and play some Facebook poker... a bit of a no brainer, just what I need.