Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More photos of my boy...

It seems the last few posts have had photos of Shawn... so why change that! This was a beach we stopped at in Coffs Harbour. We wanted to find a beach that was dog friendly to let Combi have a play. I love this photo of Shawn.
Nothing exciting has been happening here. Both of the kids rooms have been cleaned and sorted top to bottom. They look so much better now. BIG job! Liberty still had the cot up in her room and it was storage for the stuffed toys. I will keep the cot and in many, many years hopefully put my children's, children in it. :)
The Christmas tree is finally down. What a job! It has never been up this long before. Now I am going to tackle this room. Computer, craft and Matt's office all in one.... Yuck! Well I better get started.

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