Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy birthday Grandma!

Hello! Well I am still complety in love with my laptop. It has a card reader built in. I downloaded photos today for the first time. So simple!

This is another shot from Sydney. Taken from the top of Sydney Tower. Liberty loved it, nose pressed against the glass.

This weekend has been nice and quiet. A bit of housework and a bit of scrapping. Good balance!

Amanda is coming for dinner tonight. Roast in the slow cooker, so easy. I will go and make the gravy now and just wait for her to show up..... I have spent many, many hours over the last 18 years waiting for her. For some reason I still wait, now that says something about our friendship!

Hope you have had a great weekend! x

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amanda said...

Yeah well, I've spent many years feeling creatively stunted, so it evens out! Dinner was yum and the company was lovely. Thanks again.