Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fantastic Weekend!

I have had a wonderful weekend. Saturday's Thunderbolt Festival was fantastic!! I was busy running at times but I also had time to sit back and catch up with friends, make new ones and listen to some great music. I took just over 200 photos. I didn't know which one to post, so I went with my fave part of the day. This is the Axemen, the last band of the day. They are a popular local pub band. They usually don't play day gigs. The crowd had dispersed and they called for requests. I have a new appreciation for them and musicians in general now. To be thrown a song, that they had never played and do it so well was very impressive.

It was a wonderfully warm day and since I didn't get time to visit the markets, I have a red sunburn as a memento.

My 'baby' of the event became the street parade. I think it went well. Being my first year, I can see what I will do differently next year and what groups I would like to see included. I am looking forward to it! I also enjoyed the perk that came with it. The pic of the beautiful 'Fairy Tale Tours' was my transport from the marshaling area to the park. The carriage always goes last in the parade. I quickly snapped this pic as I jumped out to move onto my next 'job'. That is Matt, Shawn and Liberty in the carriage. Matt was a great help Saturday. He helped me cover the parade and also set up and pack up the park. Thanks Pooh x
Well I am beat... I am sure I will post more pics tomorrow. night x

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