Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Busy, Busy!

Today has been fairly productive. Not a lot of jobs got done, but a few big ones did. I cleaned off the computer desk. This also included sorting through the bundle of paperwork that had to be tossed or filed. I then moved onto some boxes of 'stuff' that I had in the office to 'one day sort through'. Today was that day! I now have a box to go to charity, a box of recycling, a bag of stuff and 2 boxes to go to the school and a bag of rubbish. I also have a box of stuff to give to you Mum :) The rest I just put on Matt's desk! lol
In the last few days I have been scrapping... it feels good. It had been awhile since I had scrapped multiple pages in a row. Life should slow down a bit more now...should.... School P&C stuff will get slower (it better!) The Thunderbolt Festival is over for this year, although we now run a Christmas lights comp. I will find out more about that next week at our meeting.
Well Shawn will be home any minute now and Liberty should wake up from her nap. I then need to make a start on dinner. I have some VIP guests coming tonight. Hi C, M & H they are harsh cooking critics! lol
Hope you had a good day too! x

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