Sunday, October 12, 2008


This afternoon we put up our Halloween decorations. I must admit, it has been many years since they all went up. The outside ones are inside for now, closer to the day we will hang them out. Just like the Christmas decorations, I could tell y0ou something special about each item.
The day started in a lovely way. Matt cooked a BBQ breakie (yum!) Then I called Dad, and through the magic of the internet, Dad & Matt looked at cars together, 16 hours time difference between them.
I then went up to help with the last of the garage sale stuff, then home to hang out washing and prepare the house for decorating.
Matt cut grass while the kids and I cleaned up the worm farm. The local Preschool is going to have it for awhile while the children learn about recycling. It has been neglected for awhile and there are not many worms, but it will be a start form them.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend also :)

Oh, almost forgot... The wedding went well. I think the photos will be suitable after a little bit of computer magic :)
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