Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wow, it has been awhile since I have updated! Life sure is busy!

Rewind back to Tuesday. Matt gives me a call at 4.40pm at work with the opening line of "...everything is OK..." So, he was at the hospital with Shawn waiting to see if he needed stitching back up after a billycart incident on a gravel road. 5 stitches and only 40 minutes later, they show up at my work, just as I was about to head over to the hospital. (I figured we would be in for a good few hours wait, so I didn't hurry!) All is good. Not a grass stain or a dirty mark on Shawn, just a tear on his arm that was pretty nasty. We will see how well it has healed on Tuesday when the stitches come out.
Soooo, they were busy practicing for yesterdays billycart derby in town as part of the Thunderbolts Festival. Shawn got back on that billycart and had a great time! He was the only entry in his age group, but came second in the next age group. I think the only thing against him was the lack of weight! He is very proud of himself, and he should be!

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