Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Baby Girl...

Today is Liberty's 5th birthday... She does not really like it when I call her MY baby girl, but she will always be my baby.

After all of the elaborate cakes I have made for Shawn's birthdays, All Liberty wanted was a brown one with white stripes. Good ole supermarket mudcake, her very favourite! :)

This afternoon we had Grandparents for afternoon tea. Sunday will be a party with friends. She is so excited for her party. Rain is forcast.... I hope it stays away, we have a pretty cool game planned.

Last night we all made cupcakes. I knew I would be pressed for time today (even though I took the day off work to be with her more on her birthday)so I purchased icing in a can. It even came with 4 decorative tips for different designs. So easy and fast! I decorated 30 cupcakes in under 10 minutes... Yes, they look like they were decorated that quickly, but 30 preschoolers really don't mind!

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