Sunday, October 10, 2010


So, the lady on the news this morning was saying what a lucky day it is. Quite a few weddings were planned for today, and it was better to be married at 10am, not 10:10am. 10:10am is bad luck!
Anywhoooo, in honor of the fun date we simply took some family pics. It pains me to put a photo of myself on, but it was a fun moment...

So if you believe in luck, I hope you had a lucky day!

Back to school tomorrow and back to work... I have had 4 days off and have not felt well.... so, instead of going back to work full of energy and feeling inspired, I will be dragging the chain... Only 5 days until the next weekend!!! Then I have a wedding to shoot, which makes me tired just thinking about it! :)


Anonymous said...

Great photos.

I think your good luck is having such a great family. Hope you feel better soon.

Sue said...

Beautiful family pics Julie! (And I am so glad you did include one of yourself - you gorgeous lady!) XXX

Anonymous said...

Ohhh is that what you all look like....I forget, hehehe. Work will make you feel sooo much better, NOT. xxx