Monday, September 21, 2009

The Who Grandfinal

Yesterday Matt's Basketball team had their grand final. It was a great game to watch and very close.
Matt's team 'The Who' always ahead by just a few points the whole game. With 1.32 on the score board they were up by 7 points....all very exciting, edge of your seat kind of stuff... Then the guys on the score sheet and board communicated and added 6 points to the other team and took a point off The Who... Not sure what happened when, but someone wasn't doing their job attentively... If you have played or watched basketball you will understand that the last minute or 2 the winning team slow down that ball and play safe.
Anyway... the other team won by one point... Matt is doing very well to be a good sport, like he always is. It was great to see him play, it had been awhile.

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