Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Scrap Share

Only a few days of school left and then 2 weeks holidays... Those few days are pretty full on, lots of things to do and places to be.
Haircuts for the kids today.... I must remember to do a before and after of Shawn, I think I have talked him into getting his hair short again. As long as he doesn't change his mind on me at the last minute. Highly likely!
Over the weekend we picked up some plants for the retaining wall garden. Blueberry, Merrill Magnolia, Lavender, Oleander and Rosemary. We also got another Lilac planted.
The Lilacs came from my Grandmothers garden. Walking the nursery you could easily break the budget so I am very happy to receive unwanted plants from gardens. We are off to Grafton this weekend where I plan on digging out some Bird Of Paradise from Amanda and Roy's garden. It won't survive the winters hear, but if I pot it, I can give it a go! It is my favourite flower!

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