Friday, September 25, 2009

Dust Storm September 2009

As you may have noticed/heard half of Australia was coated in fine dust on Wednesday.
These photos are of my front veranda rail that is black. The first image was taken at 7.30 am and the second approx 4pm. It had started to rain and the colour cleared fairly quickly then. Sorry the first pic is out of focus... I was cold! :)
I have held off on the clean up as some reports say it is expected to happen again over the weekend.
So this is my different take on Sky watch Friday, thanks for stopping by and if you have the time go visit some other skies!


Julie said...

It has been a wierd few days. The most distressing thing, other than not being able to breathe, is the thin layer of dust over everything inside. Shall take weeks to finally get rid of I suspect. I do hope it does not happen again tomorow.

J Bar said...

An interesting perspective.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

eileeninmd said...

Very creative. The red dust storm has had my attention. It looked almost unreal.
Thanks for sharing your skywatch.

Pietro said...

Really unusual and nice images, Julie.
Happy weekend!

magiceye said...


Brenda said...

Looks like you'll be cleaning up more dust after the weekend! Oh what fun!
I think you should get that sewing machine out and get crackin with your book and fabric stash.