Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hump Day!

Did anyone see where today went?
Actually it wasn't that bad... I just didn't get anything done at home. I had a meeting at the school all day. We did break for the school ANZAC Assembly. At 2pm when I was done in the meeting I did go and see Shawn's wonderful art work. His extension art class had a gallery day for the community... When Shawn was 'manning' the gallery he also serenaded the patrons with his guitar skills...... I always had a soft spot for the guitar player :)
Miss Liberty had Pre School today. She is really looking forward to Molly starting next term. Yesterday we went to the pub for lunch and she got to play with Molly in the kiddie area... they are very cute....
Well I have some things to do before Criminal Minds starts in half an hour.... bye...... x
* I have been busy scrapping up a storm... I just can't show you yet.... but cross fingers for me :)

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