Monday, February 9, 2009

Heaven on Earth

This is Green Oak. We had a wonderful weekend away and the weather was so good to us! Alot of time spent in the river, time well wasted. The water was perfect, I don't handle cold water and will only get in if it is perfect. Yesterday we spent around 2 hours just floating.
We had 4 families, 8 adults and 11 children. The kids did so well, no fights, no TV watching... plenty of motorbike riding and fresh air. Thanks to my friends for a very enjoyable weekend.
While we were away the Uralla show was on. Shawn entered some lego creations and won first prize and show Champion. I am very proud of him, he loooves his lego!

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Photo Cache said...

My kind of place. It is really gorgeous when you enlarge the photograph. Nice to see you had a great time.