Thursday, November 20, 2008


Uralla Central School has been working on the play "Jungle". This pic is Shawn and his mate Nash. According to Shawn they are animals...he means to say cannibals... This is the boys with there wild hair. (They LOVE it!)
Sorry it is not a great pic. I always try and keep away from posting photos of children that are not mine. Nash isn't mine.... but his mother loves me :)
So, anyway today was a matinee performance and I went over and set up the video camera and then took 287 snaps. I must say I was impressed with my little D60... about time!
Tomorrow night is the last performance. It will be a sold out production. Shawn will have 8 supporters cheering for him! He loves it up on the stage... My little George Clooney...

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Anonymous said...

wow, Nash is a little version of Rachel! Pretty cute kids...