Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy 80th Mickey!

Today Mickey Mouse turns 80 years young. What a party that would be at his house!

This morning I had morning tea with some of my wonderful friends...THANK YOU for the yummy cake Meg, sorry you couldn't enjoy it with us x
This afternoon it was time for more cake, this time with my Mum and Grandmother.
Because I hadn't eaten much today... We went to Armidale for dinner at the White Bull. I think this is my new favourite place to eat out in town.
The rest of this week is pretty busy. Sorry if I don't make it back. :)
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Pamela said...

The white bull is great....I like it there.....hope the rest of your day was good. Pity it is still raining, you could have used that present......xxxx

PNF Photography said...

geeze he is older than me lol... grins