Thursday, November 27, 2008

Budget day!

This morning bright and early Matt had a meeting with one of the head honchos at our place......... Every year the reps get the 'budget talks'.

So Shawn, Liberty and I headed out just after 8am. We walked up to Grandmas where Liberty stayed for the morning. Shawn and I headed over to the school. I displayed some photos of "Jungle" in the foyer. It is quite a fun display. While there I got asked to take some more photos today of a dance group that was to perform at the assembly. So I had a lovely morning over at the school.

This photo is of a 'Christmas Conversation Starter' that I made awhile back. It was made using some Kaiser products that was sent to me in a kit from Julie's Scrapping Jewels. Julie has actually closed the shop until the new year. She is busy with her new bundle of joy. I took this box to dinner for my work Christmas party. It is filled with little questions about how you spend your Christmas. Thinks like 'What is your favourite Christmas food?' ' Favourite Christmas Song' things like that. Anyway it made for great conversation, better than talking about work stuff all night!


Pamela said...

checked out the photos.......they look great. You did a fantastic job.

Meg said...

Great photo's Julie....started to pack for this weekend..I have too much stuff..really want a MM letter stand now..I wonder if Santa can bring me one??